Tired of short lashes or having to wear extensions? Wait no longer…. Latisse® will make your lashes fuller, darker and longer in a matter of months. Latisse® is a breakthrough treatment that delivers significant and proven improvements in the appearance of lashes. It is the only FDA and Health Canada approved treatment for thin lashes.

This Eyelash Growth Serum requires a prescription. The physicians at Century Derma Lounge are available for virtual consultations. A virtual consultation for the Eyelash Growth Treatment can be performed in less than 15 minutes and it’s complimentary. 



Why choose Latisse®?
Latisse® is the only eyelash enhancing serum studied with scientific scrutiny. The active ingredient is Bimatoprost.

A study of 281 females using Latisse® revealed that the following changes to eyelashes from baseline in 16 weeks:
Fullness increased to 106%
Length increased by 25%
Darkness increased by 18%